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Why i Hate Racing

From: a Race Fan
Email: cfl84@yahoo.com
Date: 14 Oct 2000
Time: 15:19:11
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Why I love racing: the smell of burning rubber, being outside under a cloudless sky, i can eat sunflower seeds and spit the shucks, close competition and banging fenders wishing i could do the same when a driver irritates me on the high way, drivers going what seems like a million miles per hour, wishing i could do the same. wishing the week away so i can either go or watch the races on tv. 24 hour NASCAR channel? YEH, thats for me, I'll never sleep agaim. bench racing with my buddies.

I have yet to go to a racetrack i didn't like, i have yet to see a race i didn't like.

Why I hate Racing: Scott Brayton Jerry Landon Pat Schauer Clifford Allison JD McDuffie Greg Moore John Nemechek Larry Detjens Neil Bonnett Grant Adcox Ricky Knotts Kenny Irwin Scott Baker Adam Petty

and October 14, 2000, Tony Roper.

For a sport I love SO much, and have so much passion and literally eat, dream and think about 24 hours a day. It sure can be cruel. Drivers aren't supposed to die in race cars. They aren't supposed to die at 19. They put their lives on the line each and every time they strap in that seat, to put on a show....to perform for ME, the race fan. Thats why it really irks me when people say i really hate that guy that drives the # whatever.....HATE? Hate's such a tough word, what did the driver ever do to you? really? He just out drove your driver that particular day, thats all. He may not be in my top 10, but you know what, he puts his fanny on the line to put on a show for us the race fans, and i have to respect him for that. He just as well could be working in a factory somewhere not getting booed and ridiculed. But no he races for me. And you.

I will see another race. I will go to another race. Berlin. Charlotte. Bristol. Indy. Thunderbird. Toledo. Concord. Nashville. I dont care where. With rumbling racecars turning left enjoying myself... I will, and do remember those brave souls that are racing for me.

Thank - You

God Speed

A Race Fan

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