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Hard Times

From: Jonathan Ellis
Date: 17 Oct 2000
Time: 10:25:35
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Even though I did not meet Tony and know nothing about him, something like this still hit's home hard. While trying to send a condolance, I must stop and think. I feel the family's pain, just not as great. I feel the family's grief, just not the same. Why do these thing's happen? I guess it was his time. Why at 35 years old would God take someone away from his family? Tony is gone, but his memory will remain. He started a path and a journey for someone to finish. There is no point in praying for Tony now, he is in his eternal resting place. Now the prayer's are for his family and friend's, as well as all other driver's. So often times, fan's only want to pray for "sports hero's" when a tragedy such as this occurs. We should all ask God to watch over all of them at each race, so this does not happen. Now it is too late. If only we had prayed before the race, maybe Tony would still be here. Maybe this is a wake up call for the Roper family. God is very real and he is longing to have a relationship with everyone who read's this. He knew that you would take the time to read this post, how do you know that this is not the last time that he will get to reach out to you?!?!?!

Jonathan Ellis

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